Sei vorsichtig vor Menschen, die behaupten vorurteilsfrei zu sein

Stephen R. L. Clark, britischer Philosoph, schreibt (selbstkritisch) über die Vorurteile der eigenen Zunft:

We intellectuals are always very ready to rebuke the merely cultural and superstitious hang-ups of others, while ourselves displaying a quite crass cultural snobbery about TV evangelists! (…) Everyone is right except those on the right. Everyone’s religion can be taken seriouly, unless it’s Christianity.

Überhaupt seien Wissenschaftler gegenüber radikaler Kritik allergisch:

Scientists emphatically do not welcome radical criticism, in ethics, metaphysics or methodology. Always suspect people who claim to be free of prejudice; the have just not noticed what their prejudices are!

Aus: Stephen R. L. Clark. World Religions and World Orders. In: Philosophy of Religion – An Anthology. Edited by Charles Taliaferro and Paul J. Griffiths. Blackwell Publishing 2003.