Wie sieht dein Tagesablauf aus? Brett Harris schreibt (hier):

Sometimes a whole day can slip by and nothing gets accomplished. Often it’s 15 minutes here, a half-hour there, 20 minutes here, an hour there, and suddenly you’re wondering where the day went.

Übernehme ich Verantwortung für meinen Tag? Oder bin ich Opfer meiner Zeitfresser? Nochmals Harris:

They might seem harmless — the book we’ve already read, the online forum or message board where we “reach out,” the 5-minute video we found online, the new World Magazine comic section, the video game that’s fun and clean, a review of the latest star-studded flick, or that article on Google News about the kitten with two heads.

Was wäre alles drin gelegen, wenn ich die Zeit anders genützt hätte?

If we were to devote all the time we spend reading random news stories online to reading life-changing, soul-feeding books, how might our relationship with Christ flourish?

If we were to devote all the time we spend watching television to developing our talents in the areas of writing, speaking, musical instruments, filmmaking, painting, sewing, gardening, woodworking, web design, landscaping, computer programming, etc. how much more effective might we be in the Kingdom of God?

Paulus schrieb:

Achtet also sorgfältig darauf, wie ihr euer Leben führt, nicht töricht, sondern klug. Nutzt die Zeit; denn diese Tage sind böse. (Epheser 5,15+16)

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