Die Mythen der Adoleszenz (7)

Der Vater von Brett und Alex Harris, Gregg Harris, hat einen visionären Aufsatz zur Erziehung geschrieben. Was er schreibt, hat er in seiner achtköpfigen Familie umgesetzt.

C.S. Lewis once observed that God is not so much offended that we want too much as by the fact that we are satisfied with so little. Though He offers us the highest of adventures in our Christian life, we settle for the stale mediocrity of our lukewarm religious routines.

The parental counterpart to this idea is that most mothers and fathers actually want too little for their children – they settle for success in this world’s terms. But God would have us aim higher, not like an ambitious stage mother pushing her mildly talented children into the spotlight, but like a fine jeweler making the best possible use of each bit of gold, silver, and precious stone he has. My children are priceless treasures, and I want God\’s highest and best for them.

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