Hilfe, ich bin geld-krank.

Tim Keller, Pastor der Redeemer Presbyterian Church, beschreibt den blinden Fleck von uns “Westlern”:

The Bible talks about money 20 or 30 times more than it talks about sex. Why? Because money’s spiritual power blinds us to itself. When people are committing adultery, they know they are doing it. But hardly anyone who loves money too much knows they do. People are always confessing sexual sins, but almost no one thinks ‘I’m materialistic’ or ‘I’m greedy.’ If A) the Bible continually warns us about the danger of materialism, yet B) almost no one thinks they are guilty of it, then C) it means a great number of people are blinded to (and by!) the power of money in their lives. The only responsible thing to do is go on the working hypothesis that we are infected by materialism and must be on the watch for it. If materialism is this insidious and stupefying, it is a lot like alcoholism. Maybe the best sign of materialism is this–you aren’t willing to even admit the possibility that you are enslaved to greed.

Hier geht es zur bewegenden Predigt.