Sollen wir uns in der Pop-Kultur engagieren?


We must intentionally and critically engage the surrounding culture, especially culture that has the widest impact: popular culture.

Das heisst: Wir lehnen sie weder ungeprüft ab noch übernehmen wir sie kritiklos.

The Bible supports neither a knee-jerk rejection of culture, nor an uncritical acceptance of it. We are to be both as  wise as serpents and as innocent as doves (Matt. 10:16), both engaged with our culture and distinctive from it.

Die Popkultur ist nicht tivial, sie Ausdruck von Glaube und Anbetung.

Whatever else popular culture is, it is not trivial, because it is an expression of faith and worship.

There is no piece of popular culture so banal or twisted that it does not contain some glimpse of God’s grace. And there is no piece of popular culture so pure and profound that it does not contain an invitation to idolatry.

Hier geht es zur Reflexion.