5 Gründe, warum Heiligung “out” ist

Kevin DeYoung sieht verschiedene Gründe, warum das Thema Heiligung unter Christen tabuisiert ist:

  1. It was too common in the past to equate holiness with abstaining from a few taboo practices like drinking, smoking, and dancing.
  2. As soon as you talk about swearing or movies or music or modesty or  sexual purity or self-control or just plain godliness people get nervous that others will call them legalistic, or worse, a fundamentalist.
  3. We live in a culture of cool, and to be cool means you differentiate yourself from others. That has often meant pushing the boundaries with language, with entertainment, with alcohol, and with fashion.
  4. Among more liberal Christians a radical pursuit of holiness if often suspect because any talk of right and wrong behaviors feels judgmental and intolerant.
  5. Among conservative Christians there is sometimes the mistaken notion that if we are truly gospel-centered we won’t talk about rules or imperatives or exhort Christians to moral exertion.

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