Ein Programm für unsere Familie

Ich las neulich eine Rezension zum Buch “The Christ-centered Family”. Das Inhaltsverzeichnis begeistert mich. So was gibt es wirklich selten!

Part One: A Gospel-Centered Family
1. Gospel-centered families
Your family can show how great it is to live under God’s reign of love.
2. Gospel-centered hopes
Knowing God is far more important than getting on in life.

Part Two: A Grace-Centered Family
3. Disciplining a parent’s heart
The biggest obstacle to good discipline is our own selfish hearts.
4. Grace for a parent’s heart
Trying to be a good parent will crush you if you don’t embrace grace.
5. Disciplining a child’s heart
Changing hearts matters more than controlling behavior.
6. Grace for a child’s heart
Don’t train your child to be a legalist.
7. Children as a gift
Make sure you enjoy your children!

Part Three: A Word-Centered Family
8. Living the word
Teach your children about God in the context of everyday life.
9. The word and other voices
Shape what younger children watch and how older children watch.
10. Praying the word
Teach children to pray by praying with them.

Part Four: A Mission-Centered Family
11. A bigger family
We belong to two families.
12. A Serving Family
Children are not the center of the world.

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