Geistlicher Dienst und privates Leben – zwei Paar Schuhe?

A. W. Tozer wird gern und häufig zitiert. Er predigte und schrieb eindrücklich. Doch sein Leben ist auch eine Warnung für Väter. Tim Challies hat seine Biografie gelesen und meint (hier):

Those who have enjoyed Tozer’s writings will find here the life of a man who can and should be much admired for his deep spirituality and for his overwhelming love for Scripture. They will find here also the sad reality that Tozer, as have so many men before and after him, was willing to sacrifice his family on the altar of ministry. They will wrestle with the great irony that as Tozer grew closer to his Savior he seemed to grow more and more distant from his wife and family. His life stands as both an inspiration and a solemn warning.