God simply is

The Bible does not begin with a long set of arguments to prove the existence of God. It does not begin with a bottom-up approach, nor does it begin with some kind of adjacent analogy or the like. It just begins “In the beginning God” (Gen. 1:1). Now, if human beings are the test of everything, this makes no sense at all because then we have the right to sit back and judge whether it is likely that God exists, to evaluate the evidence and come out with a certain probability that perhaps a god of some sort or another exists. Thus we become the judges of God. But the God of the Bible is not like that. The Bible begins simply but dramatically:  “In the Beginning God.” He is. He is not the object whom we evaluate. He is the Creator who has made which changes all the dynamics.

Aus: D. A. Carson. The God Who Is There. Baker: Grand Rapids 2010. (18)