Dreifaches Geschenk in harten Zeiten

Justin Taylor hat auf einen Artikel des kürzlich verstorbenen Harvard Professors William P. Stuntz hingewiesen. Dieser schrieb über seine chronischen Schmerzen:

Living with chronic pain is like having an alarm clock taped to your ear with the volume turned up—and you can’t turn it down. You can’t run from it; the pain goes where you go and stays where you stay. Chronic pain is the unwelcome guest who will not leave when the party is over.

Über seinen Zustand berichtete er:

Today, my back and especially my right leg hurt as much as they ever have, and the odds are overwhelming that they will hurt for as long as this life lasts. Cancer will very probably kill me within the next two years. I’m 50 years old.

Stuntz spricht von einem dreifachen Geschenk in harten Zeiten:

First, God usually doesn’t remove life’s curses. Instead, he redeems them. … (2.) Jesus’ life and death also change the character of suffering, give it dignity and weight and even, sometimes, a measure of beauty.
… (3.) Our God remembers even his most forgettable children.