Pietismus vs. Konfessionalismus

Kevin DeYoung denkt über die Spannung zwischen Pietismus und Konfessionalismus nach (hier). Pietismus legt den Fokus auf Innerlichkeit, auf das Individumm, während Konfessionalismus die äusseren Formen stärker betont:

Pietism, it is said, emphasizes dramatic conversions, tends toward individualism, pushes for unity based on shared experience, and pays little attention to careful doctrinal formulation. Confessionalism, on the other hand, is a more churchly tradition, with creeds and catechisms and liturgy.

Aus meiner Sicht tendieren manche Freikirchen hierzulande zu stark in Richtung Pietismus und verachten den Wert der Form. Ich kann deYoung nur beipflichten:

I want a confessionalism that believes in Spirit-given revival, welcomes deep affections, affirms truth-driven experience, and understands that the best creeds should result in the best deeds. I want a confessionalism that believes in the institutional church and expects our Christian faith to impact what we do in the world and how we do it. I want a confessionalism that is not ashamed to speak of conversion—dramatic conversion for some, unnoticed conversion for many.