Die Sehnsucht nach dem ultimativen König

Hunderte von Millionen nehmen emotional an der königlichen Hochzeit teil. Weshalb? Was teckt dahinter?

The royal wedding, just one day away, will be a multi-million dollar extravaganza for the A-list of all celebrity and political A-lists. News coverage has turned frantic, filling the celebrity gossip websites and cable news programs with speculation about who will be there, what will happen, and how grand it will all be. Celebrities are even lobbying publicly for invitations, or lamenting over the lack thereof.

Along with the buzz over the wedding comes speculation about what kind of king William will be. Some have not-so-subtly hoped that Charles might abdicate so that they can zip past his checkered history and restore dignity (and more than a little glamour) to the crown.

Die Ansprüche Menschen sind erstaunlich:

It’s not enough to have a king with the proper line of succession, or with the legal right to rule; people want a good king. They want a king with some dignity, who doesn’t bare a checkered past of divorce and sex scandals. And it’s not just the king’s subjects who care. Hundreds of millions around the world will be watching tomorrow.

Mike Cosper geht dieser Sehnsucht nach. Er ortet ein Sehnen nach dem ultimativen König – Jesus.

Perhaps the obsessive reading, watching, and waiting for Friday’s wedding comes from a similar place, an emptiness inside of us that hungers for the ultimate reign of our King Jesus.

Zur Auswertung der eigenen Gefühle empfehle ich diesen Post.