Die Sünde hinter der Sünde

Sünde und Schuld verbinden wir automatisch mit Taten.

We tend to think of sin in a very isolated, small view kind of way. We look at porn. We gossip. We cheat on our taxes. We use foul language. We eat too much. These are all actions, and usually we try and battle these sins in the realm of action. But what about the sin behind the sin?

Was aber steht dahinter? Das ist die entscheidende Frage.

What about the “why” behind the action? That’s taking the battle to another level. If we start to look deeper, we find that there is indeed sin lurking behind the physical manifestation of that sin. Many more times than not, the sin behind the sin isn’t about the will; it’s about our belief system.

Das heisst, um einige Beispiele zu nennen:

What fuels cheating on your taxes? It’s the belief that God is not, or will not, supply what we need. So we turn to financial gain.

What fuels overeating and gluttony? It’s the belief that only physical, sensory pleasure can make us happy. So we turn to cake.

What fuels the physical manifestation of looking at pornography? It’s the belief that our satisfaction cannot ultimately be found in Jesus. So we turn to pictures.

What fuels bitterness and harsh words and strife? It’s the belief that we deserve better and if we don’t stick for ourselves then no one else will. So we turn to backbiting.

Das Fazit lautet:

I’m broken. And so are you. We see the evidence of that brokenness in our actions, but it goes way deeper than that. So if we want to go on the offensive against sin, then let’s attack it at the root. That’s why the gospel, rather than the will, is the only means by which sin might be overcome.

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