Christozentrische Weltanschauung

Manche Beweisführungen für den christlichen Glauben beginnen bei der Existenz Gottes. Dr. Angus J. L. Menuge, Philosophe, formuliert folgenden Einwand:

Showing that there is a divine X with attribute A does not establsih who X is, nor which of many competing religions that agree that God is A is true. For example, showing that the divine being is necessary, a first cause and the architext of the universe, does not decide beween Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Er kehrt den Ansatz und plädiert für einen “bottom-up-Ansatz”:

If we try to build our picture of God from the top, we overlook the fact that many truths about God are either hidden from us, or when revealed, revealed as mysteries that we cannot fully comprehend.

Er geht von einer christozentrischen Weltanschauung aus, beginnend mit Christus und der biblischen Offenbarung.

Angus J. L. Menuge. The Transcendent Incarnate. J. W. Montgomery’s Defense of a Christocentric Weltanschauung. In: William Dembski. Thomas Schirrmacher. Tough-minded Christiantity. B & H Publishing Group: Nashville 2008. (92-94)