Der reiche und der arme Mann

Das war die Aufgabe an verschiedene Pastoren:

We asked a roundtable of pastors and theologians two questions:

  1. You are standing on stage before 100,000 people from every nation on earth and asked to share the gospel in 100 words or less. What would you say
  2. You are standing before a small crowd from your church’s neighborhood and asked to share the gospel in 100 words or less. What would you say? [Authors were asked to include a couple of words describing their neighborhood. We have included these in italics when provided.]

Und diese Geschichte teilt einer der Befragten mit Muslimen:

Two men went to the mosque to pray. One was a rich man, the other a poor man. The rich man went through his libations and prayers as he did five times a day. As he was praying, he began to have a sexual fantasy about the young wife who lived next door to his home. But he finished his prayers and went home. The poor man stood off at a distance. He came so infrequently to the mosque, that he couldn’t remember the positions for prayer or his libations. But he looked up to heaven, beat his breast, and said, “Forgive me, O Lord, for I’m a sinner.” Who went home justified? Mr Stiles says that every Muslim he has asked this question has answered “The rich man.”

Danke, Justin Taylor, für den Link.