Über die Kommerzialisierung der Evangelikalen

Ron hat auf ein Interview mit Franky Schaeffer, dem Sohn von Francis Schaeffer hingewiesen. Der zum orthodoxen Glauben übergetretene Buchautor und Filmregisseur hat vier Jahren mit seinem Buch “Crazy For God” für Furore gesorgt (siehe hier). Schaeffer findet auch heute klare Worte zur Kommerzialisierung der Evangelikalen und dem Kindsmissbrauch in der katholischen Kirche:

If you really look at it, what is more insulting to the name of Christ: a worldwide pedophilia racket done in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, where the Church in Ireland spends 40 years putting people in reform schools where they’re abused sexually, mentally and physically with full collaboration with so called Roman Catholic government ministers; or on the other hand an Evangelical community that has turned a lot of Christianity into just a straight out racket and a huge commerical enterprise so big, in fact, that Rupert Murdoch bought Zondervan, the biggest Christian publishing company, and makes more money on it than on Fox News. In the really big strokes of things, the commericalization of Christianity combined with the kind of “values” (if you want to call it that) of the entertainment business and the celebrity culture on one hand, and then it seems scandal after scandal where leading anti-gay rights activists turn out to be caught getting off airplanes in New York with a gay prostitute.