Was ist Gottes Wille für mein Leben? (2)

DeYoung hat eine hilfreiche Unterscheidung bezüglich Gottes Willen gegeben:

Will of decree: God always gets his way. Everything that comes to pass is according to God’s sovereign decree. God works out everything – the big picture, the little details, and everything in between – according to His own good and sovereign purposes. (Biblische Belege: Mt 10,29f; Apg 4,27f; Jes 46,9f)

Will of desire: If the will of decree is how things are, the will of desire is how things ought to be – the way God commands us to live. God has secret things known only to Him (His inscrutable purposes and sovereign will), but He has also revealed things that we are meant to know and obey (His commands and His word). (Biblische Belege: 1Joh 2,15-17; Hebr 13,20f)

Will of direction: What does God want me to do with my life? What job should I take? Where should I live? Those are the questions we ask when we seek God’s will of direction. Does God have a secret will of direction that He expects us to figure out before we do anything? And the answer is no. – Trusting in God’s will of decree is good. Following His will of desire is obedient. Waiting for God’s will of direction is a mess.

Aus: Kevin deYoung. Just Do Something. Moody Publishers: Chicago 2009.

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