Eine Liturgie des Bekennens

Wichtig und hilfreich: David Powlison hat (angelehnt an das Common Book of Prayer der Anglikanischen Kirche) eine "Personal Liturgy of Confession" entwickelt. Hier geht es zum Text inkl. Kommentaren.

Almighty and most merciful Father,

I have erred and strayed from your ways like a lost sheep.

I have followed too much the devices and desires of my own heart.

I have offended against your holy law.

I have left undone those things which I ought to have done, and I have done those things which I ought not to have done. And there is no health in me.

But you, O Lord, have mercy upon me, miserable offender. Spare me, O God, I who confess my faults. Restore me when I turn to you according to your promises that you have declared to me in Christ Jesus, my Lord.

Grant, O most merciful Father, for Jesus’ sake, that I may hereafter live a godly and righteous and sober life to the glory of your holy name.

He pardons and absolves all those who truly repent.

Almighty God, Father of all mercies,

we, your unworthy servants, do give you most humble and hearty thanks for all your goodness and lovingkindness to us, and to all men.

We bless you for our creation, preservation, and all the blessings of this life;

but above all, for your inestimable love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ; for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory.

And, we beseech you, give us that due sense of all your mercies, that our hearts may be unfeignedly thankful;

and that we show forth your praise, not only with our lips, but in our lives, by giving up our selves to your service, and by walking before you in holiness and righteousness all our days;

through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with you and the Holy Spirit, be all honor and glory, world without end.