Himmel und Hölle: Eine Zusammenfassung

Die britische Evangelische Allianz hat eine gute Zusammenfassung der biblischen Fakten zu Himmel und Hölle verfasst. Hier geht es zum Download des Papers. Unter Punkt 4 ist zu lesen:

In his sovereignty, God may save some who have not explicitly professed faith in Jesus Christ. The most likely groups from which such people might come are those who through no fault of their own have been unable to hear or respond to the gospel – e.g. the unevangelized, children who die in infancy, or those who have severe mental disabilities. While such people and others may receive the mercy of God in salvation, we are not at liberty to presume that any specific individual will be saved apart from professing faith in Jesus Christ. In particular, we can find no convincing warrant in Scripture for ‘post-mortem’ or ‘second chance’ repentance. We also reject the teaching of universalism, which holds that all will be saved regardless of their commitment to Christ (Rom. 2:12-16; Luke. 1:15; 18:15-17; Rom 10:9-13; Matt. 7:13).

Und Punkt 6:

Hell is more than mere annihilation at the point of death. Rather, death will lead on to resurrection and final judgment to either heaven or hell (1 Cor. 15:1-58; John 5:25-9; Rev. 20:11-14)

Auch die unterschiedlichen Perspektiven werden sauber abgehandelt.