Warum Ausbildung mehr als die Vermittlung von Lernstoff ist

Schon mal von dieser Seite gesehen? Ausbildung verfolgt aus christlicher Perspektive ein viel weitergehendes Ziel als die Vermittlung von Lernstoff: Die Überwindung von Folgen des Sündenfalls im kleinen. Kaufmann präsentiert einige anschauliche Beispiele.

Because of humankind’s fall into sin, the earth itself is cursed, and one of the important goals of education is to equip students to overcome the effects of the fall in themselves, their families, their jobs, and in the world at large. People and things need to be restored to their creational significance. There is a big picture view of this restoration which can only come with the return of Jesus Christ and the rejoicing of his people around his thorne. But there is also a little picture view of the restoration on all the time in countless and varied ways. The river is cleaned up, spouses are reunited, scholls get adequate resources and qualified teachers, the widow and the orphan are visited, as are the elderly in nursing homes. People unite in virtuous causes, adults go off to work in fulfilling jobs, and meals are times of good conversation and celebration rather the mere ingestion of food.

Aus: Stephen Kaufmann. First the Foundation. A Primer for Christian School Education. ASCI: Budapest 2009.