Dan Kimball hat über das neue Buch von Francis Chan Erasing Hell gebloggt. Was er an diesem neuen Buch schätzt, ist die demütig-engagierte Haltung des Verfassers. Eine solche wünsche ich mir auch!

  • It stresses how even when you wish something wasn’t in Scripture or in the words of Jesus, we have to be very careful we don’t then ignore it or create something else from our own human thinking or hopes – instead of what is in Scripture.
  • It is not a “here is every answer on hell” book, but it leaves questions and mystery in places about hell where questions are needed to be left.
  • It is not a just written with a “pray a prayer so you get to heaven and avoid hell” mentality. … Jesus taught on the Kingdom of God here and to come. And for those who follow Jesus, our role is to be involved in justice, compassion and caring for the needy.

Lord, help us understand the truths of Scripture. The ones we like and the ones we may not understand or like. But keep us faithful.