Ein unbeabsichtiges Problem: Die Trennung zwischen Lehre und Leben

One of the significant problems in contemporary Christianity is that people unwittingly drive a wedge between theology and the living of Christian life. … Theology is what we believe, and Christian life is what we do, but the intimate connection between these is often not clearly stated and sometimes not even understood.

Part of the reason there is a divorce between doctrine and Christian life is that conemporary evangelicals normally understand 'doctrines' as concepts, teachings, true ideas …, and we unwittingly see these doctrines as the objects of our faith.

He, and he alone, is properly the object of our faith, our trust, our submission. Doctrines are statements designed to point us to God; they are not meant as objects of faith themselves. … As a result, students and others unwittingly substitute truths about God for God. …

For example, how many times have you heard people talk about 'a personal relationship with Christ'? Lots of times, right? But how often have you heard anyone really explain what that means?

Donald Fairbairn. Life in the Trinity. IVP: Nottingham 2009.

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