Hartgesottene Gesetzlichkeit

Ich habe ein Stück weiter gelesen in Hannah Fervers Buch “Uncompromising” (siehe auch hier und hier). Ihre Ehrlichkeit ist erfrischend:

I am honest about myself, I realize that I’m a hard-core legalist. … I do things all the time because they make me feel like a better person, to uplift my sense of superiority and self-esteem. I use good works like steroids to pump up my ego – not out of a heart genuinely wanting to serve Christ.

I don’t need training to become a bigger, better legalist, to have a more fortified sense of self-righteousness.  I’m pretty sure there’s a reason God didn’t title the Bible, Six Easy Steps to a Happy Life.

It’s not about what you do. Jesus says, it’s about whom you do it for.