Über den grössten Unterschied zwischen Christentum und Judentum/Islam

Hier noch ein Zitat von “Life in the Trinity” von Donald Fairbairn. Er erklärt, was der grösste Unterschied zu unseren monotheistischen Nachbarn, Islam und Judentum, ist (S. 31):

How can there really be only one God, if in fact the Son sees himself as being so distinct from the Father, and from the Holy Spirit as well? This is a good question, and this is the point at which Christianity departs most fundamentally from its monotheistic cousins. In fact, this is perhaps the biggest sticking point about Christianity in the minds of Jews and Muslims. They say that Christians cannot be monotheistic, or the Christians would not affirm the Trinity. In fact, Jesus’ claim to be God infuriated the Jewish religious leaders of his day more than anything else he said,12 and the Qur’an as well rails unrelentingly against the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. Christians owe the religious world some kind of explanation for how we can speak of God as Father, Son and Spirit while still claiming to be monotheistic.