All truth is God’s truth

If the sacred-secular distinction fades and we grant that all truth is ultimately God’s truth, then intellectual work can be God’s work as much as preaching the gospel, feeding the hungry, or healing the sick. It too is a sacred task. If intellectual work can be God’s work and if all truth is God’s truth, then we have no reason to denigrate some areas of learning by regarding them either as worldly or as beyond help or as having little or no importance.

On the contrary, such learning needs to be restored to the wholeness of God’s truth from which it is torn. It must be thoroughly understood if it is to be properly interpreted, refined, and, where necessary, corrected. All learning is of importance because it bears witness to truth and so to the God of truth.

Arthur F. Holmes. All Truth is God’s Truth. IVP: Leicester 1979. (27)