Das pragmatische Verhalten von Adam und Eva nach dem Sündenfall

Curt Lovelace, mit dem ich momentan im Austausch über eine Arbeit stehe, schreibt vom pragmatischen Verhalten von Adam und Eva nach dem Sündenfall:

In the fall and the immediate actions and consequences, we see many aspects of pragmatism. For instance, Eve “saw” that the fruit was good to eat and good for her to gain knowledge. It was a pragmatic matter for her to take and eat. It was also a very practical matter for her to pass it on to Adam. In recent American politics we have found that often the reason for legal prosecution is not the initial crimes, but the coverup. It was a very pragmatic matter that Adam and Eve cover up with some fig leaves. They hadn’t even know they were naked. They had nobody to compare wardrobes against. Yet, when they discerned that something was amiss; that their nakedness was no longer acceptable; they covered themselves. The same is true of each of their reactions to being confronted by God. Adam said, “God, the women YOU gave me….” No longer was she “bone of my bones,” etc., now she was “the woman.” He passed the blame off on her. Then, Eve blamed the serpent. Very pragmatic.