Interview mit einem Rebelutionary

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich über Alex & Brett Harris und Rebelution berichtet (siehe die Serie “Mythen der Adoleszenz”).

Hier führt Trevin Wax ein Interview mit dem 19-jährigen Rebelutionary Guthrie. Gefragt, wie sein Projekt mit dem Evangelium zusammenhängt, antwortet Guthrie:

Everything. As a Christ follower, it is my desire to have His heart for the poor. The whole point of the organization is to spread the living water of Christ to the lost and hurting of the world. You’ve probably noticed in the Bible that whenever Jesus went into town or village he always met the people’s physical needs before he addressed their spiritual needs. In the same way, BGR goes in, installs the wells, and then comes back later for follow-up visits with the people. These visits consist of health and sanitation training, classes, and of course, the spreading of the gospel.