Keine Privatoffenbarungen noch ein besserer Denker

The Holy Spirit is neither a short-cut to knowledge nor the producer of some infallible human understanding that would make us something other than the fallible but growing human beings God created us to be.

What difference exists, then, between the Christian thinker aided by the Holy Spirit and any other thinker? The difference isnot that the one has private sources of information that are closed to the other, nor that he becomes a better thinker than the other, nor that when they disagree he is always right. The difference is rather that his final rule of faith and practice is clearly identified as the Scriptures, and the focus of his thinking will be the focal point in the ultimate unity of truth: Jesus Christ as creator and lord.

(…) The student will therefore welcome truth and submit to it wherever it is found, out of obedience to Christ. Academic work becomes an opportunity to extend the Lordship of Christ over the mind; thought merges into worship.

Arthur F. Holmes, All Truth is God’s Truth, IVP: Leicester 1977. (123-125)