Das Geheimnis der Sünde

Die Sünde ist allgegenwärtig, und sie bleibt ein Geheimnis. Herman Bavinck in einem seiner typischen Kapitel-Ende-Feuerwerke:

We know neither whence it is nor what it is. It exists, but has no right to existence. It exists, but no one can explain its origin. Sin itself came into the world without motivation, yet it is the motivation for all human thought and action. From an abstract point of view, it is nothing but a privation, yet concretely it is a power that controls everyone and everything. It has no independent principle of its own, yet it is a principle that devastates the whole creation. It lives off the good, yet fights it to the point of destruction. It is nothing, has nothing, and cannot do anything without the entities and forces God has created, yet organizes them all into rebellion against him. With everything that belongs to God, it opposes everything that belongs to God. It is the will of a weak, finite creature in its revolt against the Creator. It is dependence at war with the Independent One and striving for its own independence. It is impermanent becoming in a struggle with him who exists eternally. It is the greatest contradiction tolerated by God in his creation, yet used by him in the way of justice and righteousness as an instrument for his glory.

Bavinck, Herman ; Bolt, John ; Vriend, John: Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 3: Sin and Salvation in Christ. Grand Rapids, MI : Baker Academic, 2006, S. 145.