Papablog (116): Leere Worte

Worte zum Verdauen an Väter: Wie bekommen meine Worte Gewicht? Es scheint mir, als habe ich in den letzten Wochen zu viel Worte verloren – u. a. mit leeren Drohungen.

1.    Don’t waste words. Don’t add a lot of apologies or unnecessary detail that make you look timid.

2.    Don’t threaten.

3.    Be clear about expectations. When you tell someone, especially a child, how to behave or what to do, make sure you both are very clear about what you expect.

4.    Be clear about consequences, particularly if your expectations involve an area with which that child has struggled in the past.

5.     Take clear, decisive action. . . .Say what you mean and back up your words with action. It’s a testimony to your integrity and an example your children will carry with them throughout their lives.