Ein Spielplan, wenn die Angst aufsteigt

Wir haben alle unsere Ängste. David Powlison gibt einige hilfreiche Hinweise für den geistlichen Umgang mit ihnen:

  1. First, name the pressures.
  2. Second, identify how you express anxiety. Spot the signs. How does anxiety show up in your life?
  3. Third, ask yourself, Why am I anxious? Worry always has its inner logic.
  4. Fourth, what better reason does Jesus give you not to worry? What were those promises we just talked about? Go back and pick one to take to heart.
  5. Fifth, go to your Father. Talk to Him. It’s not as though your Father doesn’t care about the things you worry about: your friends, your health, your money, your children, and so forth.
  6. Finally, give. Do and say something constructive. Care for someone else. Give to meet human need. In the darkest hole, when the world is most confused, when there are barbarians in the streets, when life’s the toughest, there’s always the right thing to do.

Der letzte Schritt liegt nicht nahe – und gerade deshalb so wichtig!