{Lektüre} Fakten und ihre Interpretation sind untrennbar

All facts have been interpreted by God, and since all things are what they are by virtue of God’s eternal plan, we must say that the interpretation of the facts precedes the facts‘ (Cornelius van Til). The idea of ‘brute fact’ is an invention intended to furnish us with a criterion of truth other than God’s revelation. … A fact devoid of any normative interpretation would be a fact without meaning, without characteristics – in short a nothing. … We can have no knowledge of facts devoid of human interpretation, for knowing itself is interpretation. (71)

In actual life we only encounter the world through the mediation of our interpretations, and so the world we live in is to some extent of our own making. … What prevents us from constructing an absolutely crazy world? Only our faith. Only our faith assures us that there is a ‘real world’ that exists apart from our interpretation. Only God’s revelation provides us with a sure knowledge of that world and so serves to check our fantasies. Non-Christians, then, have no safeguards against such craziness, except for their tendency to live parasitically off Christian capital. (100)

John Frame. The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God. P & R: Philipsburg 1987.

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