Glaube statt Gefühle?

Weil uns unsere Gefühle schon oft irre geleitet haben, gibt es die Tendenz sie aus unserem Leben verbannen zu wollen:

I frequently see and hear statements that go something like this, “Faith, not feelings, is what matters to God.” I understand where that comes from. Our feelings have led us astray so many times. They frequently are the arena for some pretty ugly sins. So the natural thing for us to do is to quarantine the emotions. If we can dismiss or minimize them, then we think we have made progress.

Doch dies ist kein angemessener Umgang mit ihnen!

(I)nstead of putting the emotions in the penalty box, we need to learn what the Scriptures teach us about our emotions. We need to see that just as God desires us to grow in the areas of our will and mind, so he also wants us to grow in the realm of our emotions.

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