Wenn Bekenntnis und Leben voneinander abweichen

Kevin DeYoung hat eine Blogserie zum Thema Homosexualität veröffentlicht. Sie betrifft eine aktuelle Debatte innerhalb der Reformed Church of America (RCA). Kevin scheut sich nicht davor, die Dinge beim Namen zu nennen – und dies mit der nötigen Sorgfalt.

Was er beobachtet, stimmt mit meiner Wahrnehmung der hiesigen Gemeinden überein:

We have a position that says one thing and a practice that allows for another.

Ethische Kompromisse haben sich langfristig nie segensreich ausgewirkt:

We can dare to say that this issue is truly a gospel issue. We can realize that the church’s mission is never strengthened and blessed by God through doctrinal and ethical compromise. We can turn away from the easy “let’s all get along” option. We can turn from the convenient approach that says, “As long as I can do my ministry, why should I bother with all this controversy.”  If we do something-be it church discipline or some kind of amicable separation-it will come with a cost. It will mean strained relationships. You will hear words like “witch hunt” and “homophobic.” People will think you are mean and narrow. People will not believe you if you say love gays and lesbians. They may consider you oppressive, repressive, and reactionary. But if the integrity of our denomination, the glory of the gospel, the truthfulness of the Bible, and the spiritual well-being of homosexual persons (and heterosexual for that matter) are at stake, then we cannot afford to take the easy path.