Classical Christian Education – ein Initiator im Interview

Doug Wilson ist Theologe, Pastor, Pädagoge und Autor zahlreicher Bücher. Er ist wesentlich mitverantwortlich für die Verbreitung der Christian Classical Education in den USA. In einem längeren Interview nimmt er Stellung zu verschiedenen Fragen an diese Art von Ausbildung. Ein Ausschnitt:

How well does a Classical Christian Education equip students to understand the role of science in society? How much does your classical curriculum emphasize mainstream science? Do you use standard physics, chemistry, and biology textbooks? What, in particular, do you do with Darwin and evolution? Is what’s known as “theistic evolution” an option within Classical Christian Education?

I think they are very well equipped to understand the role of science in our society, even though we don’t use the standard texts. The students who go to state universities are prepared for what they will get there. We are able to do this even though we think Darwin is a joke. Though we don’t believe it, we know what it is we don’t believe. A university professor from a nearby state university (he was a microbiologist) spoke at a New St. Andrews event, with virtually all our students in the room. He asked how many had read Darwin’s Origin, and virtually every hand in the room went up (it is part of our curriculum). He commented on how odd that was — he taught in the Temple of Darwin, where everyone believed it, but no one had read it.

The Case for Classical Christian Education ist das Buch, das er 12 Jahre nach seinem ersten Buch “Rediscovering the Lost Tools of Learning” geschrieben hat.

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