Christliche Lehrer an staatlichen Schulen: 3 Rollenmodelle

James E. Schwartz hat sich in diesem Aufsatz dieses Themas angenommen. Er beschreibt drei Rollenmodelle:

The first role calls for Christians teaching in the public schools simply to be participants in the passing along of culture to the next generation. I refer to this first option throughout the paper as ‘Agent for Enculturation’.

A second position that Christians may take is one in which they act as undercover agents’ seeking ways to provide a Christian perspective on the things they teach and so to be a light to the world. The overall goal of this second option might be to return the country to its Christian roots and re-establish Christianity as the dominant public philosophy. I refer to this second position throughout the paper as ‘Christian Advocate / Evangelist’.

The third position calls on Christians to introduce worldview questions into the study of culture in public schools. The goal is to identify and respond justly to the source of differences among cultures and among the different participants in our pluralistic society. In order to stress the importance of a reciprocal understanding of rights and responsibilities, I refer to this third position throughout the paper as ‘Golden Rule Truth-Seeker’.

Ich sehe dieses Thema im Zusammenhang von “Christ und Kultur”. Hier habe ich modellhaft einige Positionen skizziert.