Spannend zu lesen – gerade auch dann, wenn ich nicht einverstanden bin

Andy Naselli ist seit Jahren Blog-Abonnent von Doug Wilson. Er und seine Frau haben einige seiner Bücher gelesen. Ich pflichte ihrer Einschätzung bei:

We agree with each other that reading Wilson often evokes one of three responses:

  1. We strongly agree. Pithy, insightful.
  2. We strongly agree while recognizing that an improved tone could win others over. (Think Tim Keller.)
  3. We strongly disagree while being put off by the tone. For example, last week he called the NIV a “gender bender” translation, asking, “Who wants a Bible translation with hormone shots and breast implants?”

So I can’t endorse his books on the family without that significant caveat. That said, however, he’s worth reading, and he’s fun to read. He says a lot of helpful things, and he rarely says anything in an uninteresting way—even if you disagree with him as I do, for example, that we should treat proverbs like promises or that public schools are not an option for Christians.