Wilson über seinen theologischen Kurswechsel

Doug Wilson schreibt über die Konstanten und die Wechsel in seinem Leben als Christ:

The emphases of the home I grew up in — for which I continue to thank God — were absolute faith in the Scriptures, an emphasis on practical obedience, a commitment to the foundational necessity of the new birth, and a contrarian bent. It didn’t matter what everybody was saying, it mattered what God was saying.

(…) There were three great doctrinal shifts. I didn’t see the coherence of them at the time, but later I could see exactly how God had blessed me. The first great shift happened in the mid-eighties, when I became postmillennial. The second occurred in the late eighties, when I became a Calvinist. And the third happened in the early nineties, when I became a paedobaptist. In between the second and third one, I came to a Calvinist understanding of sanctification, in distinction from my earlier perfectionism.

Den theologischen Kurswechsel begründet er so:

I wanted my life to line up with what the Bible taught, and not just in the realm of ethics. I wanted what was happening to me, and what was happening in the world around me, to be what the Bible was talking about. I wanted everything to be integrated, and internally consistent, and I wanted it to happen without forcing the Bible to say things it didn’t say. That meant, in effect, that I had to stop saying certain things that I was saying.

Am letzten Abschnitt kann ich für mein eigenes Leben nahtlos ein “Amen” dazu setzen.