Die Welt ist gefüllt von Therapeuten und Managern

Kevin Vanhoozer, Systematischer Theologe, zur Freude in seinem Schaffen (hier):

I enjoy seeing connections between things – not only between doctrines but between things in everyday life. I’m interested in the history of ideas and how these ideas take on flesh and influence culture, and the church. Being a systematic theologian allows me to indulge all my interests – in literature, film, art, music – by relating them all to God.

Und noch eine Aussage:

The world is filled with therapists and managers. What the church needs now is people who can (1) articulate from the Bible the truth about God, the world, and ourselves in terms that are faithful to the Bible and intelligible in the contemporary context (2) exhort their congregations to say and do things that corresponds to the truth of Jesus Christ as attested in the Bible.