Wie Gott unser Leben regiert

  1. By his control, God plans and rules nature and history, so that certain human acts are conductive to his glory and others are not.
  2. By his authority, he speaks to us clearly, telling us what norms govern our behavior.
  3. By his covenant presence he commits himself to be with us in our ethical walk, blessing our obedience and punishing our disobedience.


  1. When we learn of God’s control, we learn to trust in God’s plan and his providence.
  2. When we learn of God’s authority, we learn to obey him.
  3. Finally, when we become aware of God’s covenant presence, we are moved to worship.

Three lordship attributes, three mandantory responses: faith, obedience, worship.

John Frame. The Doctrine of the Christian Life. (24-25)