Gottes Heiligkeit und Gerechtigkeit

Schon aus dieser Warte betrachtet?

God is holy in His absolute uniqueness. Everything else belongs to a class. … All else is creation. He alone creates. All else begins. He alone always was. All else depends. He alone is self-sufficient. … His glory is the manifest display of this worth in beauty. His glory is His holiness on display.

Ich glaube, dass wir deshalb solche Mühe mit der Manifestation von Gottes Gerechtigkeit und Heiligkeit haben, weil wir sie aus menschlicher Warte definieren!

(R)ighteousness of God means that He has a right assessment of His own ultimate value. … An appeal to God’s righteousness is at root an appeal to His unswerving allegiance to the value of His own holy name.

Und hier ist die Verbindung von Gottes Heiligkeit zu seiner Liebe:

His holiness is the absolute uniqueness and infinite value of His glory. His righteousness is His unswerving commitment always to honor and display that glory. And His all-sufficient glory is honored and displayed most by His working for us rather than our working for Him. And this is love.

John Piper. Brothers, We Are Not Professionals. Crossway: Wheaton 2002.