15-jähriger revolutiert Krebsforschung

Ein müdes Lächeln für eine amerikanische Erfolgsstory? Manchmal denke ich: Wir Europäer sind so arrogant. Von dieser Geschichte eines 15-jährigen, der ein bahnbrechendes Produkt zur Erkennung von Krebs entwickelte, lerne ich mehreres:

1. Das Zutrauen seiner Eltern:

His parents, he says, never really answered any of the questions they had. Go figure it out for yourself, they would say. “I got really into the scientific method of developing a hypothesis and testing it and getting a result and going back to do it again.”

2. Die Begeisterung für das, was er tut:

His advice for kids (and their parents) trying to figure out what to do with their creativity and imagination: “Make sure to be passionate about whatever it is you get into, because otherwise you won’t put the right amount of work into it.”

3. Die Charakterfestigkeit, als ihn 200 (!) Forscher abblitzen liessen:

Andraka was rejected by almost 200 researchers in his search for a lab to do his nanotube strip work until one scientist at Johns Hopkins gave him the space to work. “No one will be excited about your work if you’re not excited about it.”