Ein schwerer Fahrradunfall mit ungewissem Ausgang

Aus heiterm Himmel wird eine Ehefrau, Mutter und Grossmutter durch einen schweren Fahrradunfall aus dem normalen Leben gerissen. Ihr Sohn schreibt:

On Friday morning my Mom was involved in a bike accident which was labeled by the doctors as a “moderate to very severe.” This included injuries to the head and the prognosis ranged from her getting completely better, to having severe disabilities, to not making it. We are still not entirely sure of what the outcome will be, although there have been encouraging signs.

Es ist ermutigend dies zu lesen:

I was reminded that my Mom is a gift from the Lord, and she will not always be with us. (…) I was also aware of this strange sense of peace in my heart. I cannot remember a time when I did not believe that God was in control of all things. It was, and is the air I breathe.