Christliche Werte retten niemanden

Eine desillusionierte Mutter suchte angesichts der religiösen Kehrtwende ihrer 16-jährigen Tochter den Rat einer Psychologin auf. Albert Mohler greift diesen Dialog auf und arbeitet eine lebens-wichtige Botschaft heraus: Christlichen Werte retten niemanden!

Christian values are the problem. Hell will be filled with people who were avidly committed to Christian values. Christian values cannot save anyone and never will. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not a Christian value, and a comfortability with Christian values can blind sinners to their need for the gospel. …

Parents who raise their children with nothing more than Christian values should not be surprised when their children abandon those values. If the child or young person does not have a firm commitment to Christ and to the truth of the Christian faith, values will have no binding authority, and we should not expect that they would.