Der Staat muss vor allem meine Bedürfnisse befriedigen

Die Zeitungen waren voller Bilder, Berichte und Analysen der amerikanischen Wahl. Michael Farris von der HSLDA hat am Tag nach der Wahl eine kurze Analyse der anderen Art gegeben (auf FB):

There are two important lessons imbedded in last night’s debacle. We are losing the votes of young people. We are losing the votes of women. Why?

The simple answer is that both groups have a disproportionate number who believe that the purpose of government is to “supply my needs.” Why do they believe this?

For young people, the answer is simple: public schools. The vast majority of young people attend public schools. And it is not merely that the teachers indoctrinate the students to believe that the purpose of government is to furnish our needs—that is more true than not. The far more powerful reason is that public schools furnish the child’s education—the dominating reality of their young lives. It would be astonishing that young people would go to government schools, then graduate to government colleges, or attend private colleges on government subsidies and come out with any conclusion other than “the purpose of government is to provide for my needs.”

Women are vulnerable to the siren call of “government services” because of the sexual promiscuity of men. Men use, abuse, and abandon women. Divorced women and single moms abound because of the sin of men. We have more unmarried adults than married adults for the first time in American history. This fact has enormous political consequences.What do we do?

We must start with the Christian population. Christians give your child an education that does not come from the government. You cannot raise a child to believe in freedom when that child is educated by the government.

Christian men. Be sexually pure before marriage. Get married. Treat your wife well. Stay true. Stay married.

Christians must start doing these things right now or our society will never recover.