Wer Religion marginalisiert, fördert Extremismus

George Harinck, Bavinck-Experte, schreibt in seinem Aufsatz “Something That Must Remain, If the Truth Is to Be Sweet and Precious to Us”, dass das säklarisierte Europa das Thema “Religion” sträflich vernachlässigt habe:

The most important lesson that can be learned from the West’s history of modernity is that religion has been quite wrongly ignored. Secularization was to herald an end to religion, but religion is the common denominator of all the post-Cold War conflicts.

Wer Religion marginalisiert, fördert den Extremismus:

Whoever continues to marginalize religion in our modern world and to bar its participation in public discourse indirectly continues to maintain extremism. As it applies to Muslims and Christians that they should learn to respect each other, so modernity has to learn to respect religion. The time has come for a rehabilitation of theology.