Wer glaubt, bekennt

He who believes, confesses, not only on Sunday but also during the week, not only in the church but also in tlie home and school, in shop and factory,in office and store, in civil and social life, in learning and science, amongst friends and enemies, before angels and men. He confesses in upholding and supporting the public service of the church, in acts of Christian assistance, in the supporting of Christian instruction, in the caring for the poor, in the visiting of the bound and imprisoned, in the clothing of the naked, in the feeding of the hungry, in the comforting of the weeping, in admonishing the unruly, in exhorting the disputers and unbelievers, in giving account of the hope which is in him, in keeping himself unspotted from the world. He who believes, confesses. His life itself becomes a confession, a living, holy, God-pleasing sacrifice in Christ Jesus.

Herman Bavinck, The Sacrifice of Praise, 57-58 (Archiv des Princeton Theological Seminary)