Eine trinitarische Theologie der Familie

Bavinck entwickelt in seinem Buch über die christliche Familie eine eigentliche Theologie der Familie. Am Ende des ersten Kapitels kleidet er – für mich etwas ungewohnt – das trinitarische Fundament in folgende Worte:

The authority of the father, the love of the mother, and the obedience of the child form in their unity the threefold cord that binds together and sustains all relationships within human society. Within the psychological life of every integrated personality this triple cord forms the motif and melody. No man is complete without some feminine qualities, no woman is complete without some masculine qualities, and to both man and woman, the child is held up as an example (Matt. 18: 3). These three characteristics and gifts are always needed in every society and in every civilization, in the church and in the state.

Herman Bavinck. The Christian Family. Kindle 2012 (Pos. 345)