Eine biblische Beschreibung der conditio humana

Im dritten Teil von Thomas K. Johnson “THE FIRST STEP IN MISSIONS TRAINING: WRESTLING WITH GOD’S GENERAL REVELATION” geht es um die (fortgesetzte) biblische Beschreibung der conditio humana. Gottes Allgemeine Gnade ist ein Ruf zur Umkehr.

Johnson regt eine interessante Auslegung von Rom 2,1-5 an – nämlich als nahtlose Fortsetzung des ersten Kapitels.

We can read verses 2:1-5 as the outline of a sermon, lecture, or private discussion, the content of which could also be explained at great length. The content of these verses is preevangelistic, meaning it is designed to lead up to explaining the gospel about salvation by faith in Christ at a later time. Paul’s presentation in this paragraph assumes the previously described deep contradictions within human experience and the conflict of every person with God, but then Paul takes his discussion partners a step farther. There are at least two conclusions Paul wants his hearers or discussion partners to reach, either of which can prompt people to recognize they need forgiveness in Christ: 1. that the suppressed knowledge that they deserve the wrath of God stands in tension with their experience of God’s common grace, so they know they receive better than they deserve; 2. that they acknowledge that they know and use the natural moral law in evaluating their neighbors but refuse to use the natural moral law to point out their own sin, showing that their internal moral/spiritual life is knowingly a defense against important truths they suppress.