Warum wir Interesse an der Katholischen Kirche haben sollten

Carl Trueman von Westminster Seminary beschreibt, warum Evangelikale Interesse an der Katholischen Kirche haben sollten:

Some may wonder what the point of reflecting on Rome is for a Protestant.  At least threefold, I would respond.  First, Protestants benefit from a conservative papacy: on public square issues such as abortion, marriage and religious freedom, the RCC has a higher profile and more power – financial, legal, institutional – than any Protestant group.  We all benefit from the cultural and legal power of the RCC in these areas.  Second, your neighbours probably do not distinguish between Christian groups.  A sleazy, morally corrupt RCC is like a sleazy, morally corrupt televangelist ministry: we are all marked with the same brush in the public eye and our task of evangelism becomes that much harder.  Third, RC authors often offer more penetrating insights into secular culture than their evangelical equivalents.  Comparing George Weigel to Rob Bell in such circumstances is akin to comparing Michelangelo to Thomas Kinkade.